Here at Saint Anthony's, we are committed to facing the unique challenges being presented to us at this time and finding new ways to continue to form your Junior High teen as a living disciple of Christ! We agree with you. This isn't the way we'd want to do youth ministry, either! We miss the kids, the Core Members, and the interactions we had together. But these limitations and restrictions do not mean we stop pursuing Christ. 


Another hurdle this year, much to our sadness, is that Mark Vallone no longer works on staff. He is now at The Pines Catholic Camp. We wish him the best of luck, but his shoes will be very hard to fill! 

This means that Junior High student ministry is structured as home-study. The parents are the teachers and we are supporting you in any way that we possibly can. Let's talk about how we can help one another!

The Textbook

The absolute best textbooks on the market are, without a doubt, The Spirit of Truth series from Sophia Institute Press. They incorporate beautiful Catholic artwork, are designed with clarity and not clutter, and are written from people that I personally know love Christ and His Church. To simplify your life, we're just using the Grade 7 book, Living as a Disciple of Christ

The books are modular. Each chapter is built around "Activities" that take about 15-minutes each. Each chapter has enough activities that it can last around an hour and thirty minutes of teaching, but it certainly doesn't have to! 

You decide how many of these activities you'll teach. Teach only the activities in the chapter you need in order to communicate the topic to your child. If they get it, then you're done! 

We're only requiring 18 lessons for the whole year. The textbook has 33 lessons. A typical EDGE year is 30 EDGE nights. These 18 lessons, however, will get you through the material and done before Conroe ISD's Spring Break in March! Simple is nice

We're working on supplemental videos. I'm working with the YM Team and Communications to produce helpful videos for both you the parent-catechist and your junior high student. 

We hope to include in-person and online events as the year unfolds. Kids' days are filled with screens, but need in-person interaction. We want to have family nights and prayer nights in-person as well as meetups online to keep kids connected to one another and to the parish. 

Have additional questions about our Junior High program? Please contact: 

Jane Parker

Youth Ministry Parent Liaison



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