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Life Teen - Upperclassmen

Youth Room | Sundays | 7:15-8:45 PM

Last year we asked a bunch of incoming Sophomores in college one question: "What could we have done better for you in Life Teen to prepare you for your Freshmen year in college?" The responses were varied, but a few bubbled up to the top that really shook us. They essentially said, "You formed us in prayer and community, but not in understanding Catholic morality. And you gave us what the Church teaches, but not necessarily the why behind it."

Teens fall away from Christ and His Church because Christianity seems like fairy tales and simple-minded fluff. When we deny them the full rigor (truth, doctrine, discipline, etc.) and the full vigor (the Spirit, the sacraments, the fellowship, etc.), we are failing in our role as parents, catechists, and evangelists. 

The UpperClass has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of older high school students but within the framework of the Life Teen program, which they already know and love. We are now working on our curriculum and events for this Summer and the next year. Pray for our ongoing hiring process as we are searching and interviewing dozens of candidates for two full-time youth minister positions. 


Registration will begin online on July 12th, which is a Monday, at 9 o'clock in the morning. Please check out your Church Center account today and make sure your information is updated and ready for online registration. Calendars will be out soon for the 2021-2020 year. 


All of our ministries will kick off with a fun social in mid-September. This will give your family time to adjust to the new school year and the extracurriculars. Parent meetings will be held beforehand to make sure we are all on the same page. 


As of right now we are planning on returning fully to the campus and will only be offering in-person. Virtual learning is not a possibility for us now. We may reassess this for the future, but for right now it is too difficult to accomplish. 

What about events this Summer?

Right now Shelly Wilson is working on a great Summer schedule. We want to create things to do for your kiddos that don't involve video games or cell phones. Just good clean fun in the youth room and around town. These will be posted soon. 

Have additional questions?

Please contact:

Michael Gormley

Director of Evangelization